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5 Unexpected Effects of Martial Arts

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out our Colorado Springs martial arts school’s website. It’s great to have you. Hopefully, you’ll find all the info you need on the wonderful array of classes we offer.

Choosing a new fitness routine or getting into self-defense can seem intimidating. Any change can be scary! But we’ve got some much wonderful info for you and dedicated staff to help you along the way.

I’d like to talk to you about five things most people don’t think of when reading about martial arts. Five really important things that have changed my life forever.

Oh, before I forget... we’re running some amazing web specials (all 100% money back guaranteed!) so you can “test” us out without actually risking anything! Just click any link above to head to the program and find its special!

So, I wanted to tell you about something you may find "surprising" about martial arts...

See, when most people think of the arts here in Colorado Springs, they picture Bruce Lee or old Kung Fu movies or monks training in China! They think of “flashy” moves and spins and kicks and flips and a single guy beating up an army of warriors!

Martial arts does teach you powerful self-defense... and it does get you in great shape...

But the truth is, it’s so much more.

There are five things in particular you’ll get from our classes in addition to self-defense! And these life-changing benefits impact kids just as much as adults - so whether you’re looking for classes for yourself, or a child, here’s what you can expect...

#1: Self-Esteem Boost

While our classes are fun - they’re also challenging. Martial arts uses muscles you may have never used before, and gets your body working in ways it’s not accustomed to at all.

It takes time, patience, and practice. But the harder you work at it, the better you get. And as you achieve more, accomplish more, and overcome the challenges - you realize you really are stronger than you ever thought.

The self-esteem and confidence boost from that is really something.

#2: Brain Boost

Some people aren’t used to focusing the way you have to in martial arts class. Your memory, ability to focus and follow directions the first time they are given, and clarity under pressure will be tested. Your brain gets a full on "workout" for sure!

To most, that can sound pretty intense. But as you get better in class, your brain gets sharper too.

Both kids and adult are often time amazed at how quickly their ability to focus greatly improves.

So how will this sharper mind help you in the real world? Imagine better concentration, a better capacity to pay attention and pick up on the "little details" in life, and laser-like focus where others are struggling to keep up.

Adult see the best results at work! They are able to stay sharper longer, complete stressful tasks easier, and clear up memory fog.

Kids notice drastic improvements in their ability to focus too! In class teachers notice that kids are more eager to participate in classroom activities – and parents are blown away by their child’s newfound determination to complete homework!

#3: A Supportive Community & New Friends We’re sort of our own “tribe”. We take care of each other and no one is “competing” with anyone else or just trying to “show off.” That’s not our vibe.

Instead, people have fun, encourage one another, and do what they can to make sure we’re all having a great time, learning, and growing.

#4: Get in Awesome Shape As you work new muscles and use your body in new ways, you also improve your cardio, build strength, get more coordinated and balanced, and get in great shape overall.

This helps you feel stronger, clearer, and full of life.

#5: Fun, Fun, FUN!

“Fun” isn’t always the word that comes to mind with working out or martial arts. We’re changing all that!

Each class is packed with action, excitement, smiles, and laughs. It’s how we think it should be.

Come Join Us - we’d love to have you!

Scroll up, click on the program that’s right for you, and don’t forget the amazing web specials to get started today!

Need help? or still have questions? Give us a call at (719)640-7766 !

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Sincerely, Brian Baker

Family Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts Kids Martial Arts

Our kids martial arts classes help kids in lots of profound ways. In fact, self-defense is just the beginning. Mastering martial arts takes dedication & commitment - two traits that your child will use in all other areas of their life too.

It also takes focus, respect & attention: traits that will help improve their grades, and make them more eager to help around the house. Plus, kids have a TON of fun every class. Your kid is guaranteed to have the time of his or her life, and make a lot of great friends along the way.

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Adult Martial Arts Adult Martial Arts

If you're looking for an exciting workout... a place to make friends and meet like-minded people... learn self-defense... improve your focus, discipline, confidence and concentration... or maybe all of the above...

Martial arts could be the perfect fit for you. With our expert instructors, and the fun, supportive atmosphere of our classes, our students' lives are changing with every class. Click to learn more, and come try out a few classes risk-free.

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Birthday Parties Birthday Parties

The "fun zone" and other places where kids just run around like crazy are great... but kids get tired of them. Plus: because everyone has their parties at these places, kids are always looking for something new and exciting to try. That's where our Colorado Spring martial arts birthday parties come in to play!

Kids get the perfect blend of challenge and "crazy" fun. They learn real martial arts, play structured games, and of course, have some time to just let loose and go wild too. Parents get to relax and enjoy the view, or participate if you'd like! But because we handle things like supervision, cleaning, and organizing - your hands are free to do as you'd like.

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