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Brian Baker

About Family Martial Arts in Colorado Springs, CO

Meet Brian Baker

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Family Martial Arts in Colorado Springs
4th Degree Black Belt

My name is Brian Baker, I am currently a 4th Degree Black Belt.

I trained under Olympian, Master Barb Kunkel, and feel very blessed to have been teaching for over 5 years with Academy of Life and Leadership, Taekwondo.

I have found that teaching has become a passion of mine as I absolutely love working with kids! More importantly, I love inspiring students to be their best! I have had the opportunity to be surrounded by the best of the best in the Taekwondo world! I have a unique approach to balancing discipline and confidence with a very positive style of teaching.

On a personal note, I underwent a huge back surgery several years ago. After my surgery, the Neurosurgeon told me it is not "if" but "when" I will have to have my next surgery so be careful. I was very concerned and I was not able to do any sports. Master Kunkel assured me she knew how to work with people with injuries, (Master Kunkel had personally blown out both of her knees before competing in the Olympics, so she had first hand experience on how to take it one step at a time yet push enough to still reach my potential.)

My Doctors are extremely happy at what Taekwondo has done for my recovery!

I can now kick above my head, and find that just kicking opens up my sciatic nerve and relieves the pain. I feel I am in great shape due to my current training and I am very grateful Taekwondo was my solution to getting my life back. When they say Taekwondo is not just a sport, it is a way of life, they mean it! You can do this at any age, even after a major back surgery! I am living proof!

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